Show Off Your Best Possible Smile

Show Off Your Best Possible Smile

"You have a great smile!" That's a compliment worth remembering. If you've never heard it before, or if it's been a long time, you might have a few cosmetic issues with your teeth - discoloration or dullness, perhaps? Maybe they're crooked or have gaps where they shouldn't? These problems are all easily repaired with veneers, a versatile and beautiful restoration offered by Dr. Toan Tran, your dentist at Mangrove Bay Dentistry in Tampa, FL.

What are veneers?

Like the covering used on furniture, dental veneers cover up cosmetic abnormalities that natural teeth can display from accidents, normal wear or daily habits. Generally made of a translucent glass-based porcelain, veneers from your Tampa dentist are thin layers that are affixed to your natural teeth with a bonding cement, creating a natural but totally flawless smile. If you've ever paused in line at the grocery store to admire the smiles of celebrities on the cover of magazines, it may surprise you to learn that many of them are wearing the same type of veneers offered by Dr. Tran.

Are veneers right for me?

If your teeth have cosmetic flaws but are otherwise healthy, you're likely a great candidate for veneers at Mangrove Bay Dentistry! Any decay or other oral health-related issues will need to be addressed prior to placement of your veneers, but a consultation with Dr. Tran will iron out those details. Starting with healthy enamel (the protective outer covering of your teeth) is essential since a small portion of it - about twice the width of an eggshell - will need to be buffed away in order to ensure the best placement of veneers. It's also important to have realistic goals about what veneers can offer you, as well as an understanding of how to care for them.

Patients who visit Mangrove Bay Dentistry in Tampa, FL are excited by the possibilities that veneers can offer them. If you'd like to learn more, contact us today!